Ignite Your Success

Have you been trying to achieve lasting success only to be met with dead ends, short-lived victories, or lots of hard work for very little success? Would you like to have opportunities for success show up for you, sometimes as if by magic? Would you love it if the yo-yo results you may be experiencing levelled out and then started increasing?

Get ready to have your reality shifted.

In this 90-minute interactive experience, you'll discover the beliefs, habits, and unconscious fears that have been holding you back from creating huge success in your life. Then you'll have your mindset shifted right in the workshop to ignite new and better successes in your life. This is a transformational workshop in which many people have seen changes in as little as FIVE minutes.

For this particular workshop we're offering some bonuses for attendees. Note: these bonuses are only for those who attend live online.

Free Bonus 1:

You’ll be entered in a draw to attend the next Refuel Your Ambitions ($500 value). This class happens monthly. You'll be informed when the next date is. This is a 3-hour deep dive unearth and obliterate your limiting beliefs and stories of struggle. 5 people will be selected per workshop. Those are good odds! They're even better if people forget to attend or decide to watch the replay. Make sure that’s not you!

Free Bonus 2:

You’ll be entered in a draw to enjoy a 1/2-hour private session with Shiraz ($750 value). If Shiraz can get results in as little as 5-minutes, imagine how much 30 minutes with him will change your life. Working with him for shorter sessions than that have brought me amazeballs results! 1 person will be selected per workshop.



Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Interventionist, Shiraz, enables you to rewrite your success stories, and with them, your reality because most people are unknowingly addicted to limiting and obsolete stories and left with a lack of success, confidence, and freedom. Shiraz helps you to eliminate, terminate, and annihilate your unconscious addiction to these stories in order to ignite a stream of successes along with an abundance of free time, money, and energy.

Next class: July 8th
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